The online store started its operation in November 2015 and aims to offer an overall high-level shopping and service experience to those who choose online shopping, through:

  • A modern e-shopping platform with advanced functionality and speed, which make browsing and purchasing a pleasant and fast experience, even for unfamiliar online shopping
  • The implementation of the strictest standards and technologies that govern e-commerce internationally, in order to completely ensure the security of transactions
  • The provision of a wide variety of technology and daily use products, at highly competitive prices
  • The continuous enrichment of the product range with more models in more categories.
  • The exact and complete report of the characteristics and capabilities of each product, to guide the user correctly during the selection
  • The provision of multiple delivery and payment options, so that the most advantageous one is chosen each time
  • The call center function for telephone orders, information and updates (216 800 2211)

What you will find at

The online store offers branded products of the latest technology, in a wide variety, maintaining direct relations with the leading international manufacturers. The client of is sure that all the products belong to the latest series of the manufacturers and are available at the most competitive prices with the guarantee of the official agency, without the risk of choosing a stock product or without local support.

In addition, is gradually enriched with a number of new products for daily use and lifestyle, which fit the profile of the modern and demanding consumer. Today, the customer of can choose, in addition to technology products, from a wide variety of personal care items, small appliances, travel items, fitness items and seasonal products, while the categories are constantly being enriched. on the phone

For the best possible service to the customers of, a team of experienced executives are available every day on the line 216 800 2211 (city charges nationwide), to serve in anything needed, from arranging a telephone order, to providing advice before the purchase and the formulation of a special proposal, up to the service in matters of deliveries and calls for technicians.